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Mississippi Antitrust Laws

Mississippi antitrust laws are codified under Title 75, Chapter 21 of the Mississippi Code.  Private persons and Corporations can bring an action under this Chapter, pursuant to § 75-21-9 of the Mississippi Code.  § 75-21-37 prescribes that District Attorneys, when requested by the Attorney General, can enforce the civil and criminal features of the said law.  Attorney fees cannot be recovered from any actions under this Chapter.  The period of limitation for commencing an action under this Chapter is not specified.

Miss. Code Ann. § 75-21-9

Any person, natural or artificial, injured or damaged by a trust and combine as herein defined, or by its effects direct or indirect, may recover all damages of every kind sustained by him or it and in addition a penalty of five hundred dollars ($ 500.00), by suit in any court of competent jurisdiction. Said suit may be brought against one or more of the parties to the trust or combine and one or more of the officers and representatives of any corporation a party to the same, or one or more of either. Such penalty may be recovered in each instance of injury. All recoveries herein provided for may be sued for in one suit.

Miss. Code Ann. § 75-21-37

It shall be the duty of the district attorneys in their several districts, when requested by the attorney general, to enforce the civil features of the antitrust laws of this state by appropriate legal proceedings and suits at law or in equity; and their duty to enforce criminal features of said laws shall be the same as their duty to enforce other criminal statutes. All such suits shall be brought by and in the name of the State of Mississippi upon the relation of the attorney general or an authorized district attorney.

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