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Maine Antitrust Laws

Antitrust laws of Maine are found in Title 10, Chapter 201 of Maine Revised Statutes.  Under 10 M.R.S. § 1104, any private person can bring an action.  The Attorney General may also institute proceedings under this provision.  If the judgment is in favor of the Plaintiff, s/he can recover reasonable attorney fees in addition to  three times the amount of damages.  The period of limitation for commencing such actions is not specified in the Chapter.

10 M.R.S. § 1104
1. RIGHT OF ACTION AND DAMAGES. Any person, including the State or any political subdivision of the State, injured directly or indirectly in its business or property by any other person or corporation by reason of anything forbidden or declared to be unlawful by section 1101, 1102 or 1102-A, may sue for the injury in a civil action. If the court finds for the plaintiff, the plaintiff shall recover 3 times the amount of the damages sustained and cost of suit, including necessary and reasonable investigative costs, reasonable experts’ fees and reasonable attorney’s fees.

2. INJUNCTION. The Attorney General may institute proceedings in equity to prevent and restrain violations of sections 1101, 1102 and 1102-A.

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