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Louisiana Antitrust Laws

Antitrust regulation in Louisiana is found under Louisiana Revised Statutes § 51:121, et seq.  Under, La. R.S. 51:129 and La. R.S. 51:137, any private person can institute a suit for relief under this Statute.  The Attorney General may also file a suit for relief under this Statute.  Reasonable attorney fees, along with other awards, can be recovered in such actions.  The period of limitation for commencing an action under this Statute is not specified.

La. R.S. 51:129

Any person may sue for and have injunctive relief, in any court having jurisdiction over the parties, against threatened loss or damage by a violation of the provisions of this Part under the rules governing such proceedings.


La. R.S. 51:137
Any person who is injured in his business or property by any person by reason of any act or thing forbidden by this Part may sue in any court of competent jurisdiction and shall recover threefold the damages sustained by him, the cost of suit, and a reasonable attorney’s fee.

La. R.S. 51:136
The district attorneys and the attorney general prosecuting any case to favorable judgment for the state under this Part shall be paid a reasonable attorneys fee, as the court may fix, out of the property of the defendant and this fee shall be taxed as costs of court.

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