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Alaska Antitrust Laws

Alaska Antitrust law is found under Alaska Stat. § 45.50.562 through Alaska Stat. § 45.50.596.  Private and class actions are permissible according to Alaska Stat. § 45.50.531.  Under Alaska Stat. § 45.50.580 the Attorney General is also authorized to bring an action.  Period of limitation is four years. (See Alaska Stat. § 45.50.588 below).  Attorney fees are granted under Alaska Stat. § 45.50.576.  In addition, a  plaintiff may recover threefold damages, cost, and reasonable attorney fees.  Some of the Alaska Antitrust laws are stated below:

Alaska Stat. § 45.50.531 reads in part:

“Sec. 45.50.531.  Private and class actions

   (a) A person who suffers an ascertainable loss of money or property as a result of another person’s act or practice declared unlawful by AS 45.50.471 may bring a civil action to recover for each unlawful act or practice three times the actual damages or $ 500, whichever is greater. The court may provide other relief it considers necessary and proper. Nothing in this subsection prevents a person who brings an action under this subsection from pursuing other remedies available under other law, including common law.”


Alaska Stat. § 45.50.588 reads:

“Sec. 45.50.588.  Limitation of actions

   An action to enforce a claim arising under AS 45.50.562 — 45.50.596 is barred unless commenced within four years after the claim accrues, except that when an action is brought by the attorney general under AS 45.50.562 — 45.50.596, the running of this period of limitation, with respect to every private right of action for damages that is based in whole or in part on a matter complained of in the action by the attorney general, shall be suspended during the pendency of the action brought by the attorney general. For the purpose of this section, a claim for a continuing violation is considered to accrue at any time during the period of the violation.”

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